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  • September 16 : The Demon of Brownsville Road (Interviews, Podcasts) (2019, bob cranmer, haunted, possession, real, summer, The Demon of Brownsville Road)
  • September 13 : Devil, Demons, and Spiritual Warfare (Interviews, Podcasts) (2019, demons, devil, exorcisms, ministries, spiritual warfare, summer, The Devil, Tom Brown)
  • September 11 : A Haunting on South Street – Seaford NY (Odd Stories) (haunted, long island, nassau, ny, paranormal, poltergeist, seaford, south, south st, true story)
  • September 8 : Competitive Food Eater: Notorious B.O.B. Shoudt (Interviews, Podcasts) (2019, Bob Shoudt, competitive eating, Notorious BOB, summer)
  • September 7 : Lucid Dreaming Intensive (Interviews, Podcasts) (2019, dreams, intensive, lucid, Luigi Sciambarella, OOB, out of body, robert monroe, summer)
  • September 5 : Calling all Earthlings (Interviews, Podcasts) (2019, Calling all Earthlings, George van Tassel, integratron, Jonathan Berman, summer)
  • September 3 : Learning Psychic Protection (Interviews, Podcasts) (2019, author, clearing expert, exorcist, Jeffrey Seelman, psychic, summer, teacher)
  • September 2 : The Incense Dragon (Interviews, Podcasts) (2019, aromatherapy, carl neal, incense, incense dragon, summer)
  • August 30 : A True Story of Mind Over Matter (Interviews, Podcasts) (2019, dreams, intuition, Jeffrey Mishlove, mystical states, philosophical implications, summer, synchronicities)
  • August 28 : New England Ghosts (Interviews, Podcasts) (2019, exorcist, ghosts, new england, parapsychology, Paul Eno, rhine, summer)
  • August 27 : Orbducted in the French Quarter (Interviews, Podcasts) (2019, alta, Chad and Alta Dillard, ORBDUCTED IN THE FRENCH QUARTER, summer)
  • August 25 : Mars Defense Force (Interviews, Podcasts) (2019, Captain Randy Cramer, Earth Citizen Consulting, mars defense force, Mars dfense force, MDF, summer)
  • August 24 : Competitive Food Eater: Dan “Killer” Kennedy (Interviews, Podcasts) (2019, Dan "Killer" Kennedy, summer)
  • August 23 : Little Slaughterhouse on the Prairie (Interviews, Podcasts) (2019, Bloodlands, Bloody Benders, harold schechter, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Little Slaughterhouse on the Prairie, summer)
  • August 22 : Real Wolfmen: True Encounters in Modern America (Interviews, Podcasts) (2019, anomalous, bray road, dogman, linda godfrey, paranormal phenomena, Real Wolfmen: True Encounters in Modern America, summer, weird, werewolf, wisconsin)
  • August 21 : My Amityville Horror (Interviews, Podcasts) (2019, eric walter, My Amityville Horror, summer, unexplained phenomena, unsolved crimes, urban legends)
  • August 20 : The Naked Witch (Interviews, Podcasts) (2019, fiona horne, magic, magick, summer, the naked witch, witches, withcraft)
  • August 17 : Competitive Food Eater: Magic Mitch (Interviews, Podcasts) (2019, competitive food eating, drombrowski, magic mitch, raina huang, randy santel, summer)
  • August 16 : The Rabbit Hole Experience (Interviews, Podcasts) (2019, Atlantic paranormal society, Michael Robartes, paranormal, rabbit hole experience, scientific, summer, TAPS)
  • August 14 : Multi-Dimensional Human (Interviews, Podcasts) (2019, Andromeda, Bootes, Hildegard Gmeiner, Intuitive Awareness Consultant, Multi-Dimensional Human, Speaker, summer, walk-in, Writer)
  • August 13 : Venturing Into Cryptozoology (Interviews, Podcasts) (2019, cryptozoology, loren coleman, michael winkle, mothman, summer)
  • August 2 : The Untold Story of Dennis Rader, the BTK Killer (Interviews, Podcasts) (2019, btk killer, confessions, crime, Dr. Katherine Ramsland, mental illness, murder, serial killer, summer, true crime, untold)
  • July 31 : Otherworldly Encounters of Maine (Interviews, Podcasts) (2019, investigation, knox county, loring air force base, maine, mothman, Nomar Slevik, otherworldly, summer, unexplained)
  • July 30 : The Haunted History of Huntingdonshire (Interviews, Podcasts) (2019, haunted, Mark Egerton, possession, real, summer, The Haunted History of Huntingdonshire)
  • July 28 : The Dictionary of Demons (Interviews, Podcasts) (2019, codex, demons, dictionary, dreams, dreamwalking, ghost, ghost hunters, michelle belanger, psychic, summer, vampire)
  • July 27 : The Prophecies of Billy Meier (Interviews, Podcasts) (2019, billy meier, Michael Horn, summer)
  • July 26 : When the Dead Speak (Interviews, Podcasts) (2019, evidence, evp, evp's, kitty janusz, paranormal, photographic, summer, when the dead speak)
  • July 24 : Tripping on Legends (Interviews, Podcasts) (2019, christopher balzano, Cults Crime, Dark Woods, long island, ny, oceanside, paranormal, summer, tripping on legends)
  • July 24 : Kubrick’s Odyssey, The Curse of Atuk and a Modern Day Indiana Jones (Interviews, Podcasts) (2019, adventure, atuk, cursed hollywood, hermetic, Infinity: The Ultimate Trip, jay weidner, Journey Beyond Death, Kubrick’s Odyssey, modern-day Indiana Jones, norman lear, propaganda, Stanley Kubrick, summer, the curse of atuk, The Curse of Atuk and a Modern Day Indiana Jones)
  • July 22 : Bending Light to Communicate with Extraterrestrial Intelligence (Interviews, Podcasts) (2019, aliens, bending light, bent light, et, extraterrestrial, lasers, SETI, spectroscopy, summer, ufos, wiliam lawrence)
  • July 21 : UFO’s and Missing Time (Interviews, Podcasts) (2019, abduction, encounters, missing time, mufon, pascagoula, philip mantle, summer, ufo, ufos)
  • July 20 : Occult of Personality (Interviews, Podcasts) (2019, chaim smith, Greg Kaminsky, occult, personality, summer)
  • July 19 : More Than Ghosts (Interviews, Podcasts) (2019, alex matsuo, more than ghosts, summer)
  • July 18 : Dreams That Can Save Your Life (Interviews, Podcasts) (2019, dreams, Dreams That Can Save Your Life, larry burk, rhine, summer)
  • July 17 : Politics, Prophecy & the Supernatural (Interviews, Podcasts) (2019, aliens, la marzulli, nephilim, politics, Prophecy & the Supernatural, summer, ufo)
  • July 16 : Incense and Aromatherapy (Interviews, Podcasts) (2019, aromatherapy, esoteric aroma,, incense, laura peto, mark peto, meditation, metaphysics, occult, spirituality, summer)
  • July 15 : Lycandroids, SuperSoldiers and the Freedom War (Interviews, Podcasts) (2019, Lycandroids, robert miles, summer, SuperSoldiers and the Freedom War)
  • July 13 : A Modern Shaman’s Field Manual (Interviews, Podcasts) (2019, A Modern Shaman’s Field Manual, jeff nixa, shaman, summer)
  • July 10 : The Modern Witch (Interviews, Podcasts) (2019, Australian, pagan awareness network, paganism, stacey demarco, summer, witch)
  • July 9 : Never Letting Go (Interviews, Podcasts) (2019, mark anthony, medium, psychic lawyer, religion, spiritual, summer)
  • July 7 : Demons, the Devil, and Fallen Angels (Interviews, Podcasts) (2019, angels, demons, devil, marie d jones, summer)
  • June 18 : Summer 2019 – Haunted Catskills (Interviews, Podcasts) (2019, haunted, haunted catskills, lisa lamonica, new york, ny, oto, summer, summer podcast)
  • June 7 : The Future of Herbalism (Interviews, Podcasts) (2019, druid, ellen evert hopman, healing, herbalism, holistic, Ord Na Darach Gile, white oak, wizardry)
  • June 4 : Mind Control and Montauk (Interviews, Podcasts) (2019, montauk, montauk project, peter moon)
  • May 23 : Understanding Reality (Interviews, Podcasts) (2019, author, healer, healing, interview, maisano, mind realities, sue maisano, understanding reality)
  • May 15 : Aurora & The Flying Rainbow Lasagne (Interviews, Podcasts) (2019, abduction, aurora, awareness, Flying Rainbow Lasagne, mysticism, spirituality, ufo)
  • May 10 : The Road to Pascagoula (Interviews, Podcasts) (2019, pascagoula, sirius, Stefanos Panagiotakis, ufo, ΑΣΤΡΙΚΗ ΕΠΑΦΗ, ΙΠΤΑΜΕΝΟΙ ΔΙΣΚΟΙ)
  • May 7 : Inconvenient Facts (Interviews, Podcasts) (2019, climate, climate change, global warming, gregory whitestone)
  • May 5 : Pascagoula – The Closest Encounter (Interviews, Podcasts) (2019, abduction, aliens, calvin parker, pascagoula, ufo)
  • April 30 : Controlled Remote Viewing (Interviews, Podcasts) (2019, controlled viewer, crv, hypnosis, lori williams, remote viewing)
  • April 15 : Channeling Physical Artwork (Interviews, Podcasts) (2019, art, Artwork, Channeling, fox, ibiv, ice age, ivy supersonic, lawsuit, nyc, Physical, psychic, scrat, sqrat)
  • April 11 : De-Stigmatizing Paranormal Phenomena (Interviews, Podcasts) (2019, anomalous, manuel matas, NDE, OOB, out of body, paranormal phenomena)
  • April 1 : Animal Channel Communicator (Interviews, Podcasts) (2019, animal, communication, from beyond, pets, sandra mendelson, spirits)
  • March 29 : Hometown Tales Podcast (Interviews, Podcasts) (2019, classic, gene fitzpatrick, hometown tales, podcast)
  • March 20 : The Devil’s Board (Interviews, Podcasts) (2019, author, demons, devil, hauntings, history, L. Sidney Fisher, ouija, unexplained mysteries)
  • March 18 : Florida’s Haunted Hospitality (Interviews, Must Listen, Podcasts) (2019, florida, ghost, ghosts, haunted, michelle davidson, paranormal, paranormal investigations)
  • March 13 : Spirit Traveler: Unlocking Ancient Mysteries (Interviews, Podcasts, Top Picks) (2019, astral projection, astral travel, auric, chakras, energy, healing, sonja grace, Thomas Van Stockum)
  • March 11 : Healing, Mind Control and The Montauk Project (Featured, Interviews, Podcasts) (2019, al bielek, communist, kundalini, mind control, montauk, montauk project, swerdlow, yakov sverdlov)
  • March 8 : Saved by the Light – NDE’s (Interviews, Podcasts) (2019, alone, dannion brinkley, death, dying, healing, hit by lightning, hospice, NDE, near death, sickness, steven halpern, wellness)
  • March 6 : Healing and the History of Reiki (Interviews, Podcasts) (2019, crystals, healing, holistic, nicholas pearson, reiki)
  • March 5 : Retro, Retroisms and The Retroist – An Interview with Vic Sage (Interviews, Podcasts) (2019, diary of an arcade employee, moog, retro radio memories, retroist, saturday fright nights, vic sage)
  • February 25 : Ascension Energy (Interviews, Podcasts) (2019, ascension, energy, haarp, kevin courtois, ncr treatment, NEUROCRANIAL RESTRUCTURING, orgone, radionics, Weather manipulation)
  • February 20 : The Cygnus Key (Interviews, Podcasts) (2019, andrew collins, atlantis, cygnus key, eden, egypt, Thomas Van Stockum)
  • February 15 : NDE’s and Spiritual Awakenings (Interviews, Must Listen, Podcasts) (2019, linda salvin, NDE, near death, oleanda, on the odd, paranormal, Thomas Van Stockum)
  • February 14 : The Spiritual Warrior (Interviews, Podcasts) (2019, Bill Bean, on the odd, paranormal)
  • February 8 : Hitler in Argentina (Interviews, Podcasts) (2019, Harry Cooper, hitler, on the odd, paranormal, Tissø Lake)
  • February 6 : Lost Boys of Hannibal (Interviews, Podcasts) (2019, John Wingate, lost boys, missing, on the odd, paranormal, Timothy Renner, true)
  • February 4 : Poor, Sick, Mad & Criminal in 1800s NY (Interviews, Podcasts) (2019, on the odd, paranormal, Stacy Horn)
  • January 30 : Prophecy from the Stars (Interviews, Podcasts) (2019, Ann Eller, hynek, on the odd, paranormal)
  • January 28 : The Genesis 6 Conspiracy (Interviews, Podcasts) (2019, bible, christian, Gary Wayne, genesis 6, joel michael howard, on the odd, paranormal)
  • January 25 : Long Island’s Most Haunted (Interviews, Podcasts) (2019, ac peer, Joe Flammer, minimus the poet, on the odd, paranormal)
  • January 13 : The Amazing Afterlife of Animals (Interviews, Podcasts) (2019, Karen Anderson, on the odd, paranormal)
  • January 4 : Legacy of the Gods (Interviews, Podcasts, Random Picks) (2019, earth mysteries, esoterica, Freddy Silva, on the odd, paranormal)
  • January 3 : A conversation with Dr. Raymond Moody (Interviews, Podcasts) (2018, NDE, near death experiences, on the odd, paranormal, raymond moody)
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