On the Odd – The Mandela Effect and Hollow Moon

On the Odd
On the Odd
On the Odd - The Mandela Effect and Hollow Moon

The Mandela Effect and Hollow Moon

Mark welcomes Rob Shelsky to the show.
Rob Shelsky is a writer of both fiction and nonfiction, and averages about 4,000 words a day. Rob, with a degree in science, has written a large number of factual articles for the former AlienSkin Magazine, as well as for other magazines, such as Doorways, Midnight Street (U.K.), Internet Review of Science Fiction (IROSF), and many others. While at AlienSkin Magazine, a resident columnist there for seven years, Rob did a number of investigative articles, including some concerning the paranormal, as well as columns about UFOs, including interviews of those who have had encounters with them.
He has often and over a long period, explored the Alien and UFO question and has made investigative trips to research such UFO hotspot areas as Pine Bush, New York, Gulf Breeze, Florida, and other such regions, including Brown Mountain, North Carolina, known, for the infamous “Brown Mountain Lights, as well as investigating numerous places known for paranormal activity.

Rob Shelsky’s website can be found here:

All of Rob’s amazing books can be purchased here:

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