On the Odd – Selling Dead People’s Things

On the Odd
On the Odd
On the Odd - Selling Dead People's Things

Mark welcomes Duane Scott Cerny to the show.

Duane Scott Cerny is the author of Selling Dead People’s Things and co-owner of Broadway Antique Market. He’s spent over 25+ years appraising the belongings of those who are deceased, as well as conducting numerous house calls to many spooky homes and digging through mountains of stuff for the family members to decide what’s of value.

Along the way, he’s witnessed countless ghostly encounters including a haunted desk with drawers that would open on their own, 28-room creepy abodes that were utter time capsules from the 1930s, and spirits enveloping belongings of their pre-deceased owners.

Duane’s websites can be found here:

His New York Times article is here:

You can buy Duane’s amazing book here:

Music intro/outro: “It’s a Conspiracy” by Kerrin Connolly

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