On the Odd – Sorcery, Black Magic and Miracles

On the Odd
On the Odd - Sorcery, Black Magic and Miracles

Mark welcomes Sonia Brosz to the show.

Sonia Brosz is a Maronite Catholic, Charismatic, a visionary and spiritual warrior called many ago to service in the field of exorcism and deliverance. She is an expert in metaphysics, witchcraft, magic and sorcery of all cultures and religions of the world. Sonia has been an active consultant and advisor to exorcists of the Catholic Church, as well as deliverance pastors and ministers of all faiths for over thirty years.

Sonia’s website can be found here:


You can find Sonia’s amazing books here:


Music intro: Minimus The Poet “Empathy”
Music outro: Minimus The Poet “Lightning Rod”

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