On the Odd – Legacy of the Gods

On the Odd
On the Odd
On the Odd - Legacy of the Gods

Freddy Silva first began researching crop circles in 1990 and is one of the world’s foremost experts on crop circles, sacred space, and consciousness. He is the best-selling author of Secrets in the Fields: The Science and Mysticism of Crop Circles, hailed by many as the most comprehensive study ever undertaken into this fascinating phenomenon. He has also released a documentary called, Stairways to Heaven: The Practical Magic of Sacred Space as well as several lectures on the genre.

Aside from being a best-selling author, and independent researcher of ancient systems of knowledge, alternative history, earth mysteries and esoterica. He appears on GaiaTV and The History Channel.

Freddy’s website can be found here:

You can find Freddy’s amazing books here:

Secrets in the Fields: The Science and Mysticism of Crop Circles
Common Wealth
Legacy of the Gods
Music on this episode
Music intro: “Won’t Open My Eyes” by Lenore Lenoire
Music Outro: “Twin Flame” by Lenore Lenoire

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