Episode 50 – Sinkholes and Trypophobia

On the Odd
On the Odd
Episode 50 - Sinkholes and Trypophobia

Season 5 Episode 2




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One thought on “Episode 50 – Sinkholes and Trypophobia

  • September 23, 2015 at 8:20 am

    Idiot… Do you seriously not know the difference between a CLIMATOLOGIST and a METEOROLOGIST? Meteorologists are not even scientists, they are just tv weather anchors. Climatologists study long term climate change. Climates do change naturally over very very long period of time… hundreds of thousands to millions of years. What we are experiencing now is waaaay to rapid to be natural.
    There is no meaningful OPINION you can have about a FACT. EVERY REPUTABLE SCIENTIST IN THE WORLD, EVERY UNIVERSITY… HARVARD YALE STANFORD MIT OXFORD CAMBRIDGE EVERY SCIENTIST AT NASA AND EVERY OTHER RESEARCH INSTITUTE IN THE WORLD AGREE ON THIS… we have been spewing billions of tons of carbon a year into the atmosphere for over a hundred years. You believe a butterfly flapping its wings can affect weather but not a trillion tons of pollutants pumped into the atmosphere?
    What’s melting? Ever heard of PERMAFROST?
    Stop being a shill for the big corporations and their bought politicians and think for a second. This is the ONLY SPACESHIP IN THE UNIVERSE… LET’S NOT SET FIRE TO IT.


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