Astral Projection with an MMA Champion

Season 9 Episode 3



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Mark welcomes John Beneduce to the show. 

John possesses the ability to astral project and has found a very personal and deep knowledge of the process and has experimented with every avenue of spirituality that has crossed his path.

Unlike most other professional MMA fighters (most have been training since they were kids), John Beneduce started training at the age of 19 without ANY prior martial arts or fitness training. In fact, John was over 250 pounds when he started to train in the martial arts.  Through years of hard training, discipline, and a willingness to learn what worked for himself, as well as others, John was able to not only lose 100 pounds, an achievement admirable in itself, but went on to become a stand out grappling competitor, winning some of the largest tournaments in America.

John Beneduce’s website can be found here:

You can train with John by contacting him here:

Music intro:
 The Way I Love You by Joel Michael Howard

Music outro: Don’t Know Why by Joel Michael Howard

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