Episode 80 – God, Time Travel and the Universe

Season 7 Episode 8


Author Salvador Salomon joins us for a discussion about his book “The Secrets of the Universe”.

Alex and Mark have a remarkable discussion with author, Salvador Salomon and he briefs us on his newest book entitled, God, Time Travel & The Secrets of the Universe.

Finding your purpose, intelligent design, out of body experiences, solitary confinement, religion, mind control, money manifestations, forced meditation, Egyptian culture, dimension bending, duality of life, meditation, astral travel, the holographic screen, wormholes, force fields, dark matter, time travel, organized crime.

We touch upon everything his book is about and without a doubt, you will want to read this amazing book cover to cover! You can purchase your own copy here

Reach out to Mr. Salomon here

Music intro: “Spannungsgeseuerter Nervenzusammenbruch” by Eamon Fogarty
Music outro: “Go To Seed” by Eamon Fogarty

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  1. Posted by Melissa Giordano on July 16th, 2017, 20:33 [Reply]

    Wow….Exceptional information… for thought….very informative. Thank you for sharing your story, and your personal experience. Very enlightening!!
    Looking forward to your next beek!


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